Tinderbox 4.5

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Tinderbox 4.5

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Everything looks better in Tinderbox 4.5. But it's not just chartjunk for show: Tinderbox 4.5 gives you new ways to visualize your ideas.

Every agent and container can have a pull-down summary table to show you key facts at a glance

Any agent and container can provide an instant sparkline plot or bargraph

Drop shadows add style and their color, distance, and blur can be tied directly to information in your notes

Dividers let you draw the line, right in your maps

Outline titles extend to multiple lines

capture more ideas

In-place outline editing lets you add and revise instantly

New agent manager lets agents update quickly and automatically without interruptions or distraction

Scroll inside containers

New options for automatic cleanup

Better address-book and vCard integration, with automatic linking

More than sixty improvements you can see (and literally hundreds you cant) make Tinderbox 4.5 a delight to see and a powerful tool to capture, analyze, and share your complex ideas.


Tinderbox 9.7.3 for Macintosh. $289


Family pack licenses for up to five people living in the same household. $325


The Tinderbox Way hardcover. $49.95


If you purchased or upgraded Tinderbox within the past year, Tinderbox 4.5 is free. Just download the new Tinderbox, install it, and you're set.

If your Tinderbox is older, you can upgrade from any version of Tinderbox for just $90.

Upgrade from any previous version of Tinderbox. $98 (more info)

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