Tinderbox 4.6

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Tinderbox 4.6

Faster and Smoother

The version number hasn’t changed much, but Tinderbox 4.6 represents a big change. With nearly 100 visible improvements (and many, many improvements you can’t see), Tinderbox 4.6 brings more speed and fresh power to help you capture, analyze, and share your notes.

Start Faster, Save Faster

Tinderbox has always been sprightly, but loading and saving thousands of notes is bound to take some work. Large Tinderbox documents now load and save up to 30% faster.

Smarter Agents, Better Rules

The syntax that tells agents and rules what you want them to do has been completely overhauled. It’s now simpler, more consistent, and more efficient. The new Tinderbox Cookbook provides hundreds of live examples of agents and rules in action, helping you design new and more powerful tools to help your information organize itself. Some existing agents will need slight adjustments to adapt to the new syntax, but after the change everything will simply work better.

Note: updating your existing documents.

And lots more...

Tinderbox 4.6 gives you fresh tools for building dashboards with notes that provide live, running summaries of your work. Want to know how much you wrote today? Easy. Want to see how the trend for the last week, or for the year? That's easy, too.

Containers can now arrange their notes more flexibly, giving you the power to build custom timelines and conceptual clusters.

Queries get lots of new power, and they’re much simpler: any expression can be a query. And Tinderbox gets lots of new expressions to help your agents do more.

Plus, there are lots important small tweaks and additions. Want to make an alias? Cmd-opt-drag and you’re done. Need a complex stamp? The Stamp palette is resizable (and Quickstamp is much faster!).

A big update, A small version number

We’re already planning Tinderbox 4.7 and Tinderbox 5. They’ll be great. But you don’t have to wait: as always, Tinderbox comes with a full year of free updates. And, whatever version of Tinderbox you’re using today, you can upgrade for the same price.

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