Tinderbox 5

Tinderbox helps you visualize, analyze, and share your ideas. Download and try it.

Tinderbox 5

Tinderbox 5 brings even more speed, agility, and excitement to Tinderbox. You’ll be able to capture your ideas, analyze your notes, and share your work more quickly, easily, and expressively than ever before. Maps and Outlines alike have been polished and extended in all sorts of ways.

Tinderbox 5 loads even the largest documents fast. My life is in Tinderbox, and now my life opens in two seconds! And with the new inspectors, my life looks just right too! – Prof. Jean Goodwin, Iowa State University
At work and in my charitable efforts, live Tinderbox note-taking sessions have kept meetings productive & on-point, saving us thousands of dollars in employee time, and more importantly, unlocking people’s creativity in new ways. — J. Nathan Matias
Tinderbox is uniquely flexible and adaptable, in a league of its own when compared with all the other OS X notebooks.– Giles Turnbull, Cult of Mac

500/Faster.jpg screenshot feature Tinderbox 5 is fast. It’s based on a new compiler, new libraries, and new development platform. It’s a universal binary. In addition, numerous under-the-hood improvements make Tinderbox 5 faster than ever.

500/Text.jpg screenshot feature New text engine supports beautiful font rendering plus highlighting, strikethrough, super- and subscripts, and indented paragraphs.

500/Unicode.jpg screenshot feature Unicode note names and text give you access to thousands of symbols and a host of languages.

500/Checkboxes.jpg screenshot feature Outlines can have checkboxes. Your agents and rules can use the checkbox state to gather and organize your notes, exactly the way you like.

500/Columns.jpg screenshot feature Multiple-column views provide new flexibility for inspecting, reviewing, and revising your notes.

500/Inspector.jpg screenshot feature Inspectors let you change the properties of notes more quickly, easily, and naturally.

500/Leaves.jpg screenshot feature Get past boxes and arrows. New note shapes, dashed borders, and translucent notes in maps.

500/Chart.jpg screenshot feature Faster and more legible chart view

500/Stationery.jpg screenshot feature Need fresh Conference Notes or a new Case File? Stationery and often-used files are always handy in the customizable Recent Files menu.

Tinderbox is where I live. Nothing else lets me manage, visualize, process, and store textual information the way Tinderbox does....Always fast and stable. -- Jack Baty, Fusionary
Ce n’est qu’en l’utilisant qu’on apprécie ses possibilités et le souci quasi maniaque du détail dans sa réalisation. – David Bosman

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