Tinderbox 5.5

Tinderbox helps you visualize, analyze, and share your ideas. Download and try it.

Tinderbox 5.5

Tinderbox 5.5 brings even more power, speed, and sophistication to your personal content assistant. More than sixty new features and improvements make Tinderbox better than ever.

“Happy about Tinderbox’s Simplenote support. I didn’t request the feature but it’s like @eastgate read my mind.” – Boris Gordon, freelance software developer, Australia

550/iPhone.jpg screenshot feature Tinderbox syncs with Simplenote. Write a note on your iPad, and it appears in Tinderbox. Edit it in Tinderbox and save, and it’s automatically sync’d to your iPad or iPhone and to the cloud.

550/Outlines.jpg screenshot feature Better outlines. Strike through lets you cross out completed tasks. Set the background color of individual notes in the outline, or set the background color of a prototype and let inheritance work its magic.

550/Map.jpg screenshot feature Better maps. Create adornments with different shapes and borders. Transparent adornments have borders, too — and they can be dashed or dotted or beveled. Notes can use a new shape, too. See some Tinderbox 5 maps in use.

550/Unicode.jpg screenshot feature Better Unicode support, especially in HTML export.

550/Badge.jpg screenshot feature Better badges, with new built-in badges for questions and comments. Plus, adding your own badges is as simple as dropping some png files into a support folder. Your new badges are instantly available to all your documents, giving you access to terrific icon libraries.

550/Shortcuts.jpg screenshot feature Better editing, with new shortcuts for in-place editing and for splitting notes.

And there’s lots more. See the release notes (in the Help menu) for details.

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