Tinderbox 6.6

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Tinderbox 6.6


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Tinderbox 9.7.3 for Macintosh. $289


Tinderbox Maps

Tinderbox maps are faster, and let you move and reorganize things more easily.



Tinderbox uses your computer’s power more cleverly, coordinating many independent helpers to manage your agents, rules, actions, and to keep everything up-to-date so you can focus on what matters most.


Import from Taskpaper, Microsoft Word and Pages. Improved spreadsheet import. New directives for RTF export let you include other notes and use your attributes to adapt export to your specific needs.


Tinderbox 6.6

Need to enter lots of dates? Tinderbox’s flexible date interpreter is great, but sometimes nothing beats a date picker!

And lots more!

There’s plenty more – more than 75 things you can see, and lots more that you can’t. Take a look at the release notes in Tinderbox Help for details.

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