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Composites let you build structures from multiple notes. If you’re a reviewer, a book might have author, title, details of your assignment, and notes about your reading. Just received a new contract? A new composite is just a mouse-click away.

Making a composite is easy: just move two notes until they snap together. Tinderbox Seven comes with pre-defined composites you can use as a starting point, and it's easy to add your own.

Superb New Fonts

Lots of people live in Tinderbox, so we want your documents to be legible and lovely. Four new state-of-the-art font families are built into Tinderbox, each carefully optimized for reading on modern screens.

Ideal Sans is a superb sans-serif font that’s ideal for your maps and outlines. (You’re reading it now.)

Mercury is a serif font that’s designed to be modern and legible, yet nearly as effective in challenging contexts as old standbys like Times Roman.

Ringside Condensed is hot off the drawing boards, a compact font that’s perfect for adornments.

Tungsten is ideal for Tinderbox dashboards where you need big impact in a small note.

Faster, Smarter Maps

Today, lots of people use Tinderbox map views whose size and complexity were unthought of when Tinderbox was first designed. We’ve refined map views for speed and flexibility.

Even better, Tinderbox 7 introduces a family of guides or kibbitzers that look at your layout and try to help you do what you want more exactly. If you’re trying to line up some notes, or to place a note midway between some others, the kibbitzers will lend a hand.

Quick Links

Want to link to a note without interrupting your typing? Just type “[[” and the first letter of the note you have in mind! Tinderbox displays a menu of notes; choose one and you’re done. Wiki linking without the CamelCase complexity!


It’s easier than ever to move information into Tinderbox. Import from text, Word files, Scrivener, spreadsheets, DEVONthink Pro -- you name it!

Better yet, you can now make note that automatically refresh their contents from the Web, from DEVONthink, or files stored locally or in the cloud!


Tinderbox agents and actions help perform tedious tasks for you, keeping your work cleaned up and organized. Tinderbox 7 brings you even more actions. OnVisit actions are performed whenever you read a note. OnRemove actions are performed when you move a note away from an adornment or outside a container. Edicts are like Rules but are performed less frequently, so they use less power and fewer cycles.

And Lots More

See Tinderbox Help for the details and the release notes. More than 175 visible improvements, and lots more you can’t see but that make Tinderbox even better.

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