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Tinderbox 7.2


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Do you prefer to write using Markdown? Now, Tinderbox lets you use Markdown and other markup languages, and shows you previews of your formatted work instantly.

Better Import

Tinderbox works beautifully with the best artisanal tools for writing and research. Seamless new import lets you drag all sorts of things from DEVONthink Pro Office. Improved reference support from Bookends, BibDesk, and more. New native support for OmniFocus. Want to drag some text from Safari? Tinderbox will keep track of the source automatically.

Better Typography

You can make a composite instantly by dragging notes until they touch. Not only do composites stick together in the map: when you select a composite, you’ll see the text of all the notes in the composite, neatly arranged.

Better handling of subscripts, superscripts, unusual text pane layouts: better text, period.

Better Technology

We’ve been working long, long hours to revamp Tinderbox agents and actions. Tinderbox now uses the processing power of your Macintosh more effectively, giving you power when you need it (and saving your battery when you don’t).

Still Hot

Great built-in fonts, including Sketchnote, Ideal Sans, Mercury, Ringside Condensed and Tungsten.

Quicklinks: Just type “[[” and the first letter of the note you have in mind! Tinderbox displays a menu of notes; choose one and you’re done. Wiki linking without the CamelCase complexity!

Actions: Tinderbox agents and actions help perform tedious tasks for you, keeping your work cleaned up and organized. Tinderbox 7 brings you even more actions. OnVisit actions are performed whenever you read a note. OnRemove actions are performed when you move a note away from an adornment or outside a container. Edicts are like Rules but are performed less frequently, so they use less power and fewer cycles.

And Lots More

See Tinderbox Help for the details and the release notes. More than 6 dozen visible improvements, and all sorts of cool stuff under the hood to make your Tinderbox work even faster and smoother.

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