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Making a link in Tinderbox has always been as easy as drawing a line from one note to another. Now, ziplinks provide a new way to make links and new notes. Type [[containment]] and you’ll get an instant text link to the note named “containment”. If that note doesn’t exist, Tinderbox makes one for you. Perfect for brainstorming, ideal for conferences and lectures, and unmatched for sustainable zettelkasten -style note files.

As you type, Tinderbox displays a list of suggestions. Pick a note from the list and make your link even more quickly.

You can create links to existing notes or make new notes with ease. You can even add a link from the destination note back to its source.

Links Pane

The new Links pane slides up from the bottom of your Tinderbox window to show the note’s:

Select any of these for a preview, double-click to navigate. The links pane slides back with you don’t need it and it's always ready for you when you do. Drag the preview pane to turn it into a full-fledged text window!


Tot Watch

Tot, the new sticky-note app from The Iconfactory, provides a simple inbox for your Tinderbox notes. Jot notes anywhere and have them delivered straight to the appropriate Tinderbox document.

…and don’t forget…


A new way to dive into your notes! The crosstabs view lets you explore your notes based on two different attributes. Look at your students’ performance on midterms and final exams. Examine the relationship of your writing progress to your workout schedule. Crosstabs gives you new ways to discover unexpected relationships in your ideas.


The Crosstabs view isn't just a dull report: it invites you to get your hands on the actual notes. Hover over any cell to see the notes listed there. Select any notes with a click. Tons of interesting options. You can export instantly to spreadsheets, statistical packages, or word processors. You can even make agents from interesting crosstabs cells for further research.

Geographic Adornments

Add maps to your Tinderbox maps! Just assign an address to any large adornments and it becomes a map! Notes placed on the map that have addresses will move automatically to the appropriate place.


Shared Prototypes

Share prototype notes across documents and make your own built-in prototypes.

Drag Notes Everywhere

You can now drag notes out of Tinderbox views and drop them in other Tinderbox windows, in other applications, or on the Desktop.

Lots More

See the release notes in Tinderbox Help for all the details.

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