Tinderbox 8.8

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Tinderbox 8.8


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Tinderbox 9.7.3 for Macintosh. $289

Tinderbox 8.9: Apple Silicon and Big Sur

Tinderbox 8.9 is native on Apple Silicon and ready for Big Sur.

Tinderbox 8.9.1 offers more speed with exceptionally big maps and additional improvements for Apple Silicon Macs.

Tinderbox 8.9.2 offers improvements in agents, geographic adornments, and ziplinks.


Revised agents to use background processes more efficiently. Agents should now be more efficient and reliable.

Map View

Geographic adornments use the latest maps, and once more relocate notes to their geographic location.

When creating links, the rubber-band line is again drawn across all panes, not only the view pane.


Format ▸ Text ▸ Ziplinks toggles whether the selected notes allow ziplinks.


Tinderbox’s flexible search tools will find what you need, fast. Now, Tinderbox neural nets suggest related search terms as you type. When you find interesting results, you can drag them into your map or outline view to make an alias for later reference.

Search and replace, too, right from Find results.

New Actions

.replace() lets agents update the text or attributes of notes. Use simple search or regular expressions.

A new operator, .strike(), lets your stamps and agents strike-through selected text in your notes.

A new function, wordsRelatedTo("term"), returns a list of search terms related to any word. Available in English, Simplified Chinese, and many other languages!

Smarter Explode

Explode takes a long text and splits it into several smaller notes according to your instructions. Often, people want to set the name of the new notes to be their first sentence. Now, Tinderbox AI understands more about sentences, and is less likely to be fooled by honorific (Dr. Perkins), currency ($5.95), and such.

Nicer Ziplinks

[[Ziplinks]] are now recognized in watched folder and by the import manager. [[]] now have the same powerful preview support that regular ziplinks offer.

…and don’t forget…


Lots of new AppleScript support for making links and link types, creating agents and adornments, and more.


A new way to dive into your notes! The crosstabs view lets you explore your notes based on two different attributes. Look at your students’ performance on midterms and final exams. Examine the relationship of your writing progress to your workout schedule. Crosstabs gives you new ways to discover unexpected relationships in your ideas.


The Crosstabs view isn't just a dull report: it invites you to get your hands on the actual notes. Hover over any cell to see the notes listed there. Select any notes with a click. Tons of interesting options. You can export instantly to spreadsheets, statistical packages, or word processors. You can even make agents from interesting crosstabs cells for further research.

Geographic Adornments

Add maps to your Tinderbox maps! Just assign an address to any large adornments and it becomes a map! Notes placed on the map that have addresses will move automatically to the appropriate place.


Shared Prototypes

Share prototype notes across documents and make your own built-in prototypes.

Drag Notes Everywhere

You can now drag notes out of Tinderbox views and drop them in other Tinderbox windows, in other applications, or on the Desktop.

Lots More

See the release notes in Tinderbox Help for all the details.

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