What’s New In Tinderbox 9.5

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What’s New In Tinderbox 9.5



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Tinderbox shines brightest when tackling big, long-term projects, but even there, sometimes ideas come faster than you can note them down. Tinderbox 9.5 brings smart new brainstorming features to the rescue.

When you’re naming a note, just type # to give it a prototype. Write The The Candy House#book and you’ll instantly get a note named “The Candy House” which uses the prototype “book” and inherits all the properties of its prototype. If there isn’t already a prototype named “book”, Tinderbox makes one. If you decide change or rename “book”, everything still works.

Similarly, you can link a note to a place by writing The Candy House@Heywood Hill. This again makes a note named “The Candy House”, which is linked to the place “Heywood Hill”. If there isn’t already a note for this place, Tinderbox makes one. If there is a note for this place, and if it has an address, Tinderbox will fill out the address of your new note — and even its latitude and longitude.

The same notation works in [[ziplinks]], too.


You don’t have to use this notation. Tinderbox always lets you pick the prototype for any note from its prototype tab. You can change the prototype whenever you like. Linking a note to its place (or any other sort of note) is as simple as drawing a line. But when you're in a hurry, these brainstorming tools can be handy!


Use image adornments freely in your Tinderbox maps, and in the text of your notes. Tinderbox 9.5 does a great job of storing images efficiently, so they won’t get in your way or slow you down.

Longform Writing

Tinderbox lets you select any notes you like and view them as a continuous document. You can edit freely, yet the notes retain their individual identities. This is terrific for experimenting with new ways to organize your writing and to polish your transitions.

Speaking of polishing, don’t overlook Tinderbox’s terrific tools for finding repetitive words, or its illuminating maps of common words. Both tools are panes in the powerful Get Info window.


Geographic Adornments

If any adornment has an Address, Tinderbox will figure out the corresponding latitude and longitude and display a map of the region. Notes on the adornment that have a corresponding location will zip to the right place.

Preview and Export

No assembly required: when you use Tinderbox’s powerful Preview and Export tools, Tinderbox will automatically set up the prototypes and templates you need. These are all customizable and adaptable to your precise needs and preferences.

Tinderbox has long offered unmatched export flexibility with its powerful, template-driven tools. Now, you can get started without having to set things up.

More Actions

Tinderbox agents, adornments, and notes can take actions to help keep things organized the way you want. Actions can fill in missing metadata, highlight deadlines, track progress; they automate repetitive work so you can concentrate on the what you do best.

New actions include convenient shorthands for [lists] and {dictionaries}, a handy new while loop, formatting options for ordinals and Roman numerals, and better ways to explore and manipulate links in your actions.

…and more!

Browse Links is reorganized for clarity. You can reorder saved views in the Gallery. The Find Bar lets you restrict your search by prototypes. There’s lots more; see the release notes in Tinderbox Help for all the details. The amazing Tinderbox community has frequent meetups and a lively forum.

Plus, plenty of work on infrastructure to ensure Tinderbox is as fast, flexible, and responsive as we can make it.

Tinderbox 9.5 runs on all recent Macintosh computers. It requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.

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