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You can always remove it later.

To celebrate the New Year, we’d like to make it a little easier for everyone to get started with Tinderbox.

As always, you’ll get a year of free updates with your copy. And don’t forget Tinderbox Tutorial 2, including The Tinderbox Way!


Tinderbox is a unique and powerful tool for making, analyzing, and visualizing notes. It’s a terrific way to master new fields and to understand complex situations.

Tinderbox is a tool for real work, for isolating and understanding real needs and real ideas. It’s about getting things done.

Miscellaneous fine print: No rain checks. Quantities may be limited. This offer may end without notice. Our judgment of eligibility for this offer is final. We’re shorthanded this weekend, we’re swamped with Tinderbox 6 work, and every order is filled by real people: your patience is appreciated.

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