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A directory of hypertext courses, past and present, provides a unique resource for instructors.
Eastgate writers and editors.
A directory of writers active in hypertext fiction and poetry.
An index of publishers, zines, and Web sites of interest to hypertext fiction and poetry.
Rosemary Simpson's index to the history of hypertext research.
Michael Shumate's extensive compendium of hypertext fiction is the best and most extensive guide.
Kia Mennie's compendium of hypertext theory
Jamie Blustein compiles the answers frequently-asked questions for the alt.hypertext newsgroup.
Part of Alan Liu's monumental index to humanities on the Web, The Voice of the Shuttle.
Compiled by David Phillips
Tom Goldpaugh
McMaster University's extensive resource list for hypertext, hypermedia, and the Web.
Usability guru Keith Instone reviews new developments in usability research that are relevant to web designers and -- by extension -- hypertext writers. The what's new page is especially handy for keeping track of new developments.
Usability guru Jakob Nielsen writes a lively and often controversial column on usability issues twice a month. Most columns address hypertext writing, hypertext system design, or the Web.
A survey of the history of hypertext and hypertext systems by Christopher Keep, Tim McLaughlin, and robin. Though dated, this study remains important and useful.
In German, a critical compendium of references to hypertext fiction, especially strong for German web sites.

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