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This page collects references on the development of hypertext technology and tools. Also collected here are application notes, usability studies, and related research that might naturally inform the design of hypertext technology, even though the work itself may not be technological.

Many hypertexts about hypertext technology found in our listing of Hypertext Nonfiction on the Web are also pertinent to hypertext technology.

Type and the Web
HypertextNow examines the interplay between typography for content, and reviews three key books on type design for new media.
Feed explores Literary Machines
A Web magazines invites three leading writers -- Mark America, Robert Coover, and Janet Murray -- to comment on Nelson's pioneering book, Literary Machines.
Publishers of serious hypertexts and developers of hypertext systems since 1982. See especially the overviews of Storyspace and of The Eastgate Web Squirrel, and the essays of HypertextNow.
Wendy Morgan contributes a fascinating paper on the experience of pre-service teachers encountering hypertext reading and writing. Students report strong emotional reactions, both favorable and otherwise, toward hypertext.
Conversations with Friends: Hypertext With Characters
Mark Bernstein's proposal for large, contrapuntal hypertexts structured as dialogues among characters.
An introductory survey of information farming, by David Berreby, for Booz, Allen and Hamilton's Strategy & Business.
Xanadu, original vision of the docuverse.
Hypertext projects at Brown University, ranging from fiction and poetry to literary criticism and pedagogical software.
Scholarly resources for the humanities.
The main professional society for hypertext, sponsors of The Hypertext Conference.
A leading hypertext laboratory.
A sociologist, noted for his studies of art worlds and his contributions to research methodology, explores a variety of topics including hypertext as an art form. Photographic reminiscences about his life as a jazz pianist themselves represent and interesting hypertext narrative.
Simple link services for MacOS, reminiscent of early Microcosm.
A zoom/pan interface for hypertext maps.
Link services for MacOS, a very early but still-interesting system by Tracy Valleau.

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