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Eastgate's authors include many of the world's leading authorities in hypertext theory, hypertext writing, and hypertext criticism.

Many of their own Web sites are valuable resources for hypertext theory, and their interviews are often lively and interesting.

This page is apt to be out of date; a better listing of current Eastgate writers is found at Eastgate People.

Mark Bernstein
Chief scientist at Eastgate Systems. His most recent papers discuss Hypertext Gardens and Chasing Our Tales. Shorter notes on hypertext topics may be found at HypertextNow.

Bill Bly
Author of We Descend.

Jay David Bolter
Author of Writing Space and one of the designers of Storyspace.

Michael Joyce
Author of afternoon, a story , Twilight: a Symphony, of the book Of Two Minds, and a designer of Storyspace.

George P. Landow,
Author of The Dickens Web and Writing At The Edge, and co-author (with Jon Lanestedt) of The In Memoriam Web, as well as Hypertext 2.0 .

David Kolb
Author of Socrates In The Labyrinth.

Edward Falco
Author of Sea Island and of A Dream with Demons.

Carolyn Guyer
Author of Quibbling.

Robert Kendall
Author of A Life Set For Two.

Cathy Marshall
Co-author of ForwardAnywhere.

Stuart Moulthrop
Author of Victory Garden.

Jim Rosenberg
Author of Intergrams and The Barrier Frames.

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