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This page collects references to work that speculates about the nature of hypertext, its utility, future, or relationship to other media.

Criticism examines specific hypertexts, seeking to understand the works considered and also to improve our understanding of all hypertexts -- and, indeed, of the craft of writing. Essays on Criticism have their own page.



Miall, David S. (1999). Trivializing or Liberating: The Limitations of Hypertext Theorizing. Mosaic, 32, 157-172. Online at Mosaic site:
A theoretical critique of some hypertext theorists.
Robert Kendall asks whether hypertexts can achieve immortality.
Laura Miller finds hypertext fiction dull and its ambitions to replace the novel unpromising.
At the click of a mouse, the reader shapes the tale in hypertext novels
A study (in progress) on the development of the hypertext essay, by Nick Lilly, Tarleton University.
Karlin Lillington of the Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg) discusses the critical acceptance of hypertext.
Michael Shumate examines the emergence of hypertext fiction, on and off the Web, with an interesting mixture of sociological and literary perspective.
A collection of topical essays on hypertext design, writing, and criticism. Popular titles include discussions of Akscyn's Rule, link anchors, the role of cycles in hypertext, abstraction and imagery in Web design, and Web Shrines
An influential essay on the role of hypertext in scholarship.
Mary Axelson interviews a host of specialists in interactive narrative technology, including Brenda Laurel, Mark Bernstein, Greg Roach, and Rick Smolan.
Poles In Your Face: The Promises and Pitfalls of Hyperfiction
Jurgen Fauth concludes that, " There simply does not seem to be a good reason to tackle the problems that hypertext fiction is burdened with." Unfortunately, it is not clear whether Fauth has read much hypertext fiction. only one hypertext is actually cited, and most of Fauth's attention is devoted to interpretation of other speculations about hypertext.
Words and Mirrors: an introduction to A Life Set for Two.
Robert Kendall explores the poetics of dynamic hypertext
"Hypertext Publishing and the Evolution of Knowledge" by a leading nanotechnology theorist and the chairman of the Foresight Institute.
Hypertext fiction and drama
A quirky fantasia on the ephemerality of the Web, by T. S. Thomas.revised and expanded, December 1997
Prominent computer scientist Robert Sedgewick greets the incoming Princeton class of 2001 with a thoughtful, readable discussion of the relationship between hypertextuality and the future of the university.

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