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Tinderbox Upgrade

You can always remove it later.

Over the years, we’ve crafted more than a hundred releases of Tinderbox, in addition to hundreds of test releases available to our Backstage program participants. Tinderbox comes with a full year of free updates, and after that you can upgrade whenever you like -- upgrades are currently $98 -- and get the latest version plus another full year of free updates.



Tinderbox Subscription

You can always remove it later.

Would you like your upgrade subscription to renew automatically? Worried that you’ll forget to order an upgrade until after you need it? Then this deal is for you.

Sign up now -- it doesn’t matter when your Tinderbox upgrade period ends. Before your year of free updates runs out, we’ll send you a new code that extends your subscription for a year – at a nice savings! And then, a year later, we’ll automatically extend your subscription for another year at the regular upgrade price, and we’ll send you a fresh registration code.

You can cancel any time; just let us know. No credits for unused parts of the current year. We reserve the right to change the upgrade price; we’ll notify you of any significant change. (It’s been ages since we changed the price.) And we reserve the right to cancel the program for any reason.

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