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Tinderbox Weekend

Tinderbox Weekend SF

Tinderbox Weekend

Tinderbox Weekend Student

Saturday only

Tinderbox Weekend Student

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Tinderbox Weekend

San Francisco: April 13-14, 2013
Galleria Park Hotel

We’re headed back to San Francisco for an exciting new Tinderbox Weekend!

Small, highly-interactive and hands-on sessions will help you understand Tinderbox and to master its incredible power and flexibility. There will be plenty of time to explore your own projects and to find solutions to your most ambitious Tinderbox concepts. Great for Tinderbox beginners and old hands alike.

Archives of some previous Tinderbox weekends are here.

At most Tinderbox Weekends, we like to meet informally for a group dinner Saturday evening. It’s by no means mandatory, but it’s a great way to get to know other Tinderbox users—these tend to be some of the most interesting people you’ll meet! If you can’t attend the weekend but would be interested in joining the dinner, do drop us an email and we’ll let you know when and where.

Things we’ll have available:

Things you should bring:

Speakers and program subject to change without notice. Refunds allowed more than 30 days in advance, less a $50 processing fee. No refunds after 30 days before the event. Multiple attendees from the same organization receive a 25% discount.

We're Making Plans!

Who'll be there?

Tinderbox weekends are small, informal gatherings of Tinderbox enthusiasts from throughout the country -- and indeed the world. Some will be Tinderbox beginners, some will be experts.

Mark Bernstein, Tinderbox's designer, will lead sessions and will be available throughout for discussions.

What if I can't possibly come this weekend?

We're going to offer a corresponding membership to people who simply cannot make it in person. Think of this as a sign of support for Tinderbox.

We'll send you handouts -- either on paper or CD -- and perhaps we'll be able to set up an electronic link during part of the meeting to field your questions. It'll be much better to attend, but if you simply can't make it, a corresponding membership might be nice.

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