Tinderbox 5.10

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Tinderbox 5.10


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Tinderbox 9.7.3 for Macintosh. $289

We may have run short of version numbers, but we had plenty of exciting new ideas. Tinderbox 5.10 is better than ever.

New in 5.10.2: Better typography, better maps, new actions, and a powerful new action engine under the hood.

New in 5.10.1: WikiWord highlighting, easier editing in outline columns, smoother typeahead, better summary tables, and lots more.


Tinderbox notes gain subtitles. This small change can revolutionize the way you use Tinderbox. Illuminating dashboards and elegant presentations are easier than ever.

And if that’s not enough information, Tinderbox now lets you use a HoverExpression to give each note its own tooltip.


Taking advantage of the new subtitles, the dashboard prototype help you monitor your project, letting you set up attractive indicators in seconds.


New built-in export templates make sharing information with Scrivener a snap. Great HTML and OPML templates too – and more are on the way.

Hover expressions are superb. Once again, something I never knew I wanted until I got it. Bravo! – Michael Bywater

and more!

Tinderbox 5.9 is still pretty fresh!

See the release notes (in the Help menu) for details about roughly 50 significant changes in Tinderbox 5.10. You’ll also find updates in Tinderbox Help, to the Tinderbox Cookbook, and to Mark Anderson's invaluable aTbRef Tinderbox Reference.

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