Tinderbox 5.7

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Tinderbox 5.7

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Tinderbox 5.7 takes the new Timeline View to the Web, letting you export embeddable Web gadgets that can be added to just about any Web page. The gadgets use Eastgate’s new Tinderbox Timeline Library in Javascript to render timelines exactly the way you want your readers to see them.

The timeline above shows a Tinderbox container with five notes. Want some more examples? Look here! 

There’s plenty of additional news in Tinderbox 5.7:

You’ll find another two dozen enhancements, and there’s plenty of excitement under the hood that you can’t see. Consult the release notes for all the details.

The upgrade is free to Tinderbox users who have purchased Tinderbox or upgraded within the past year. Upgrades from any previous version of Tinderbox are just $98

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