Tinderbox 6.3.2

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Tinderbox 6.3.2


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The new Tinderbox treemap

Every facet of Tinderbox has been re-imagined and re-implemented for Tinderbox Six. See the Tinderbox Six page for the details. Tinderbox 6.3.1, 6.3 and 6.2 and 6.1 brought lots of good news as well.



A new built-in set attribute, $Tags, is available for free-form tagging of notes. The new Tags attribute is categorized under “References.”


Big improvements in OPML import from outliners and RSS readers.

Even bigger improvements in spreadsheet import, especially for spreadsheets with lots of long text fields.


Image adornments with transparent or translucent regions are no longer rendered opaque when the document is saved.

Arrowheads on linear links are again correctly rendered; their orientation had previously been arbitrary.

In maps, left-arrow and right-arrow now select the next and previous sibling of the selected note.

The plot inspector now allows you to enter a value for the target line.

XY Plots now draw a target line if a target is specified.

Changing some visible attributes of aliases, such as $NameStrike, failed to refresh the display immediately if the original note was absent from the current view.


Roadmap is now available from the treemap contextual menu.

Torn-off Roadmap windows now automatically adjust the width of their columns, and also automatically elide titles if they exceed the window width.


If Tinderbox remained open while the computer moved to a new locale, it would continue to use the old locale.

If Tinderbox remained open while the computer moved to a new time zone, it would continue to use the old time zone.

And lots more!

Download Tinderbox 9.7.3 and see Help ▸ Tinderbox Six Help ▸ Release Notes for the details.

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