Tinderbox 6.6.5

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Tinderbox 6.6.5


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Tinderbox 6.6.5 provides all the great things in Tinderbox 6.6, plus additional polish and infrastructure to prepare the way for Tinderbox 7. (As always, buy or upgrade now and you'll get a full year of new releases.


Tinderbox Maps

Tinderbox maps get a big boost. Drag the ends of links to reroute them. Drag link labels where you want them. Lots of new guides help you put notes exactly where you want them.



The complex dance between agents, rules, and automatic sorting is now faster and the choreography is better, increasing throughput and keeping even the most complex agents out of your way.


Tinderbox 6.6.5

New ways to specify the time for dates include:

And lots more!

There’s plenty more – more than 50 things you can see, and lots more that you can’t. Take a look at the release notes in Tinderbox Help for details.

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